That Little Race in Missouri

Scott Moninger - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Yeah, so I wish I was there, but I only had the time this year to do two "Tours" and I chose California and Georgia. Missouri, I hope to book your ticket next year.

Good thing Lyne is there, providing better coverage than I ever could because she's doing photos, interviews, and blog posts. She's a one-stop VeloNews -- even a step better because she covered the women's crit. In fact, it's almost midnight and VeloNews still only has four sentences covering Stage 1 and of course no mention of Brooke Miller's crit win. Lyne already has post-race quotes with Cavendish and Farrar, a stage summary, the women's crit, and a good preview, which is like one entry for each of VeloNews' sentences. VeloNews, I love you and all, but I could really care less about the Tour of Britain.

You should check out Lyne's photos of Brooke Miller in her Tibco-branded National Champ jersey -- it's a good sight better than the generic number she was wearing last week. is of course now locked in on the Tour of Missouri.

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