That's all folks!

My real vacation starts tomorrow -- that's all I have for cycling right now. Hope you all have enjoyed the coverage.

The Tour of Missouri far exceeded my expectations. While it was without the start-to-finish drama due to Hincapie's early lead in the competition, it was full of fans, beautiful scenery, top-notch cyclists, and big storylines: end of Discovery and Navigators, the splitting of Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada, Hincapie in yellow, and the rise of Slipstream. The organization was also impressive. The police shutdown the bridge out of Jefferson City twice and I still don't know how MODOT got 70+ trucks set up and taken down as a barricade so quickly.

Many thanks to Brook for helping me get the shots, Casey, Jon, Kyle, and Liz for being really nice mentors, and Mike for lending me the extra camera body that was essential. I'm looking even more forward to the Tour of California, which starts in my backyard.

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I know from past experience, it's a lot of work to set up for a few photos before you have to scurry to next photo opportunity on the route, but it's a lot of fun as you say. Brook wasn't always friendly with me because I wasn't working for paid media. Were you working for Road Bike Action magazine or strictly freelance? Do you have more scenery shots to post?

The clarity of your photos is really striking and good composition. Things happen so fast at the finish. Great work, Ken.



I traveled on my own dime but RBA helped setup my credentials. I'll loose money, but the experience gained was even more than the Tour of California, perhaps because I was so far from home turf.

I think I've posted all the scenery shots that I have -- like you said, it was a lot of work to get each, about 1-2 hours per scenery backdrop since I didn't have moto to work with. Stage 4 was pretty much a wash for scenery shots as the route was too difficult drive ahead of. I got the one bridge, but I don't like the shot. Stage 5 I got the bridges at Hermann and Washington. Stage 6 I got the arch, Union Station, and the church. Stage 3 I got a good one of the trucks that I'm keeping private...

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