Tour of Missouri planning

I went ahead and booked a one-way ticket to Kansas City to watch stage 3-6 of the Tour of Missouri. I haven't put much thought into this, but I figured that this was Discovery's last hurrah and perhaps my last chance to photograph riders like Popovych and Contador. I'm also hoping that some other American riders jump in on the USA team -- Fast Freddie was at the ToM announcement and I've seen him race this way before. The Tour of California started off the year well and the Tour of Missouri should be a good way to taper into the offseason.

Over on my blog I've posted my begging for lodging and schedule.

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i can't believe the timing - i just moved from KC to Colorado a few months ago, i went to school in Columbia and grew up in STL. The tour is going all the way thru my stomping grounds and i don't think i'm going to get the chance to make it out there!

if anything comes up and i do make it out, i'm sure i can let you crash in STL


@josh: cool, thanks, hope you can make it out for the Tour through your hometown.

Umm, a one way ticket?

Have a good weekend!


One-way ticket is due to inability to put together a complete plan. I've now purchased the second leg of my journal, St Louis - Pittsburgh, for some visiting with my new niece. Still have to get my return leg finalized and booked.

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