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Trebon Wins 20080923_5655

Cross Vegas Lance Armstrong20080923_5614

All this time shooting cycling and my first cyclocross event happens to be Cross Vegas -- with sudden surprise entry by Lance Armstrong. I'd like to pretend I could summarize cyclocross as a sport based on this one event, but somehow I feel that I can't: the Lance Circus, the Elvises (Elvi?) both on and off bike, dollar bills shoved into helmets, beer sprayed at riders as they run past, the wigs and beards (including Justin England in a particularly hideous wig), etc... It was such an impressive field as well: Trebon, Wicks, Kabush, Johnson, Sauser, Wells and more -- the callups seemed to last forever. I'm sad that I had to miss the women's race with the Compton-Gould-Nash podium (too many Interbike obligations).

Cross Vegas 2008 Photos

Wicks 20080923_5452 Adam Craig goes down 20080923_5560
The King 20080923_5522 Johnson leads Trebon 20080923_5606

Cross Vegas 2008 Photos

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Wow!! Those are great photos! I also attended the event and you are absolutely right! Elvi, Lance, wigs and beards...I don't think this is a normal cross event. lol. What type of camera set up do you have? I tried getting some shots with my nikon coolpix, but the riders were just a blur.

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