Enjoying the Return of DaveZabriskie.com

Dave Zabriskie is Cold - (c) Ken ConleyDZ's site went into a bit of a permafrost state, but he's brought it back under control and the diary entries show that he's back in form:

Thanks for all the positive feed back on the mustache -- I think I should keep it too. I pulled up to the CSC car on the first stage to say hi to Bjarne and he asked how it was going. I said, "pretty good, I grew a mustache." He told me I looked like shit to which I replied, "I grew it for you man -- I wanted you to be really happy I wasn't on your team anymore." We both laughed and the race rolled on. Part of the reason I want to keep the mustache is that I'm going to have a baby pretty soon and part of me thinks it'll be cool to have all the first pictures of me with him in the hospital looking like this – yes, that's how I see the photo album taking shape.

For those of you, like me, who miss the one-question interviews, I found a partial archive here.


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