Get Your Kristin Armstrong Fix: Nature Valley Grand Prix to Re-Air

Kristin wins Stillwater.jpgNot satisfied with watching Kristin Armstrong tear up the Great Wall circuit? The 2008 Nature Valley Grand Prix is going to re-air on Versus on August 16th at 2:30pm and on August 19th at 4pm. You can watch as Kristin Armstrong battles the entire field with only a single teammate at her side. You can gaze in road-rash-horror at the torrential opening stage where Armstrong laps the field, but it doesn't count. You know you want to see that (again).

You can also watch as HealthNet and Bissell duke it out in the men's race: Jacques-Mayniacs vs. Roarin' Sutherland.

Relive the coverage like it's happening live by heading over to Podium In Sight and readin' the page in reverse ;).

Photo courtesy Nature Valley Grand Prix

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