Interbike Booths

Interbike boothsI was pretty busy at Interbike shooting booths for MTBR and RoadbikeReview. Appointments to start shooting booths started at around 9am and I usually didn't finish shooting until about 5pm, with half an hour for lunch. Then I'd take an hour break to unload photos off my camera, swap batteries, hopefully get some food, and shoot the evening races. I'd finally get back after 11pm and process photos until 3am. Good times. If I struggled in conversation with you at Interbike it was the sleep deprivation. Really.

I shot Look, Michelin, Hayes, Ibis, Kona, BH, Crank Brothers, Fox Racing Shox, FSA, Raleigh, Park, RASE, and WTB. I also shot Ritchey and Pivot, which will be open soon. I was understudy to Photo-John, who warned me it would be difficult, but I didn't fully appreciate it until I hit the convention floor. Instead of trying to be creative, it was me and my strobes versus the evil lighting. I got to meet a lot of nice industry reps, though, and I always enjoy learning by drinking from the firehose.

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