Tour of America?

A company called Aqu Inc has announced a three-week, 22-state Tour of America. I thought this was a hoax when I first caught wind of this. The current Web site is hosted on '' and the text on the Web site is poor and full of errors:

The most famous cyclist in the world is still Lance Armstrong an American. Unfortunately there is not a large enough cycling event in this country worthy of assembling the worlds best talents most of whom are Americans. Isn't it time to bring such an event to this vast country so Americans in this country can experience and admire close up the amazing talents and achievements of our own.

The organizers are planning a route twice the distance of the any current Grand Tour and they want to run it in September, when riders not competing in the Vuelta are spinning down their legs. They also want to run up against the Tour of Missouri, which gets them into trouble with Medalist Sports. Although the Tour of Missouri is a new event without much traction yet, Medalist also organizes the Tour de Georgia, the Tour of California, and USA Cycling Pro championships.Update: 'InTheKnow' says that the ToM will not be taking place in September next year (see comments)

A million dollar prize for the overall winner and an eleven-million-dollar prize budget could sway things in their favor, but I'll believe it when I start seeing some teams sign up.

VeloNews is reporting this, though they too seem a bit skeptical.

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The Tour of Missouri will not be taking place in September next year. It was only assigned that date this year because the UCI calendar was full when the permit was applied for in June of 2005.

I was the press conference in Vegas. The journalists there were very hard on the organizers; I almost felt sorry for them because they didn't have any answers.


@Fritz: A general consensus I've been seeing is that the more the organizer talks, the less people believe. Thanks for all the Interbike coverage -- always nice to read on-scene coverage.

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