Tour of America: Shorter, still ridiculous

27 stages becomes 21 and 4000+ miles becomes 2200+, but Aqu Sports is still a bit off the deep end in hope to pull of a "Tour of America" as soon as September of 2008. The shortened route includes some ambitious transfers: multiple 100mi+ hops plus Columbia, MO to Denver, CO on a rest day. Part of the attraction of the Tour of California/Georgia/Missouri for international teams is that they are well organized; Aqu Sports' first and second volleys leave plenty of doubt -- and their Web site still needs a professional writer. Of course, Aqu seems to want to close the gap with a $10M purse.

I'm excited that they chose Palo Alto, CA as the finishing city, but it seems a bit silly to me that a Tour of America would spend five days in California and two days in Missouri, visiting many of the same cities. Perhaps they are hoping that these cities would be easier to signup?

The Tour of America

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