USA CRITS Finals: Women's Race

Jenn McRae 20080924_6073
Jenn McRae 20080924_6094 Jenn McRae 20080924_6070 Jenn McRae - Race Winner 20080924_6398
Mandalay 20080924_5981 Cheerwine 20080924_6042

Jenn McRae put on a solo clinic: she jumped off the front with Christine Smith and then shed her breakaway companion with several laps to go. She had no teammates to help in the pack behind, but Colavita, Cheerwine and Vanderkitten were unable to put together a cohesive chase.

Katie Compton put a lot of hurt on the field, only a day after her win in Cross Vegas. Tina Pic was also there to crank things up and ended up taking the field sprint over Laura Van Gilder.

USA CRITS Finals: Women's Race Photo Gallery

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