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It's January 3rd and USA Cycling has posted the 2008 calendar. I most excited to see a date for the Tour of Missouri as I am contemplating Tour of California/Georgia/Missouri triple coverage this year. California is certain, Georgia has top priority, and the national championships may bump Missouri depending on how much travel I can schedule this year.

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Glad to see Tour de Georgia is a top priority for your travel plans. We will be refreshing the Tour website by February with lots of info you can use to plan your trip, and plan to announce all 15 teams in early Feb. Hope you'll sign up for the TdG newsletter; first issue went out yesterday.

Cool, I hope to see you in Georgia.

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@JBT: thanks for the info. I'm really looking forward to the route this year -- I've always wanted to photograph a TTT.

@James: Hope to see you there as well.

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