Vuelta a Espana Starts

People at work often ask me questions similar to "Why doesn't Lance Armstrong win more races other than the Tour de France?" or "What's in it for the other US Postal riders?" Well, the Vuelta a Espana started today, and leading the US Postal team will be... Roberto Heras. Heras, who has helped Armstrong climb many a mountain in Tour de France stages, will be trying for his second Vuelta win. He wasn't looking so hot in this year's tour, but we'll see how he holds up now that the weather in Europe isn't so freaking hot.

Hincapie and Landis are also on the roster, so it will be interesting to see what the lineup will be at this year's "T-Mobile International" in San Francisco Sept 14 (Hincapie won the race two years ago). Armstrong will be there and possibly Ekimov.

But anyway, this post was supposed to be about today's Vuelta opener. ONCE edged out US Postal by 10 seconds and Galdeano will get to wear the golden jersey for his team. Last year's winner Aitor Gonzalez suffered a flat on the final stretch and lost a minute and a half to the Galdeano.

ONCE edges Postal in Vuelta opener

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