SF Twilight: Women's Race

Not feelin' like prose tonight, so lets recap in photos.

Vanderkitten SF Twilight20080913_4633

Race starts as the sun starts to set.

Vanderkitten SF Twilight20080912_4369 SF Twilight20080912_4352

Kat Carroll goes with a break and jumps free.

Kat Carroll Breaks Free

Kat Carroll collects a lot of laps while Christine Thorburn, Shelley Olds, Laura Van Gilder, and Chrissy Ruiter chase.

Kat Carroll SF Twilight20080912_4278-1 Shelley Olds SF Twilight20080912_4263-1

SF Twilight20080912_4293-1 Vanderkitten SF Twilight20080912_4286-1

Kat Carroll is reeled in and soon the whole field comes back together.

Kat Caught SF Twilight20080912_4303-1

Somehow Shelley Olds still finds the legs to follow the attacks on the uphill before the finish and take the sprint.

Shelley Olds Wins SF Twilight

And my flash fails to recycle fast enough, so you'll have to make do with these better lit shots.

Shelley Olds SF Twilight20080912_4323-1 Shelley Olds SF Twilight20080912_4263 Shelley Olds SF Twilight20080912_4508

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