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Women's Cycling Magazine is something I've been looking forward to both generally and specifically. While at the Tour of California, I was complaining about a lack of media outlets for womens' cycling photos (selfishly, so I could have a way to cover the sport and cover my costs). Just a couple of days later, cycling photographer extraordinaire Carson Blume comes along and mentions that he has a solution to that problem. He and Marian Hunting were going to do it all, front cover to back, and throw down a foundation on which women's cycling coverage could grow and prosper. I was really happy when WCM opened its doors just a week ago. I would have posted more excitedly here, except I was in Hawaii and I was restricting myself to little more than checking Twitter on my iPhone (where I spotted the announcement). Already they've put together a blog to provide more immediate coverage and, if that's not immediate enough, you can get Marian Hunting's race updates on Twitter.

The Bay Area is a bit of a stomping grounds for women's cycling and its good to know that the riders I pass on a daily basis will have a new way to promote their sport. Subscribe like I have (few things in cycling cost as little as $15) so the magazine can grow, so more sponsors will be interested in promoting the sport, so the sport can support more riders, so the magazine can grow, and so on. It's a small investment in something that the sport sorely needs.

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