Womens Cycling Magazine Issue #1!

mag-cover-clouds.jpgIssue #1 of Womens Cycling Magazine showed up in the mail on Friday. From what I know of Carson Blume as a photographer, I expected a high-quality production, yet he, Marian Hunting, and Echo Robertson managed to exceed that. At a time where other magazines are shrinking down and going with cheaper and smaller paper, they delivered a high-quality, oversize, heavy-stock Issue #1 that's a gorgeous testament to the women of cycling. As for the content, they've jumped out of the gates with articles on Tina Pic and a training article from Dotsie Bausch, plus racing articles that range from high school to pro, road to mtb. It's worth every penny -- subscribe now and get Issues 2+3 (#1 is already sold out).

Of course, I'm biased -- I landed several photos in this first issue, with full-pagers of Jill Kinter, Liz Hatch, and Hanan Alves-Hyde. It's freaking cool to see photos on such high-quality stock and so big. It's like seeing an entirely different photo.

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