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This page is intended to be a jumping point to all of the other Web pages that I have worked on. You won't find any personal histories, obligatory links to pages not done by myself, cutsy gif animations, or photos of people you don't know, at least, not here. If any links are broken please inform me, as I am still busy mirroring all of these pages onto the MIT Web server. Here's what you'll find here:


Orion Instruments, Inc.
I have been working for an emulator company in Sunnyvale, CA, called Orion Instruments, Inc. This is my redesign of their Web site that I did as part of my duties for them. The navigation for this site is one of my favorites out of all the sites I have designed. I chose to flatten the hierarchy so that nearly all of the site contents are available from the front page, while in the sub-pages the hierarchy is maintained for easy navigation. I also managed to create an attractive design and layout for the site using only a minimum amount of graphics.


The Symposium Newsletter
The Symposium Newsletter is a site I maintain for a newsletter that my friend, Kenji Bohlin, is the editor for. All issues are published in hardcopy format then coverted to HTML for publication of the Web. Some differences exist between the formats with regard to graphics and layout, though the material remains the same. The style of each issue is really different because I have overhauled this site several times as I get new inspirations for how to present the material. I currently have a new design for the site sitting in a file folder. Only time will tell if I actually get around to opening up Photoshop and cranking out the new graphics. The first issue of Volume II is in the BTW, works right now, though time will also tell if it gets finished since the writers are all busy college students.

Baseball: The Game and Beyond

Baseball: The Game and Beyond
Baseball: The Game and Beyond is a site that two friends and I worked on for a scholarship contest called
ThinkQuest. It is by far the most successful site I have worked on, as it won 4th place in the Sports and Health category and was also listed as a Netscape What's Cool site and a Yahoo Cool Link. It even made it onto the front page of Microsoft's portal site, home.microsoft-com. The site covers a broad range of baseball topics, from how to throw various pitches to the physics of baseball. It also includes a baseball dictionary and a baseball trivia ticker.

Leaf Online

Mr. Leaf's Page
I did this page for my Pre-Engineering teacher so he could get his class materials out on the Web. The layout and graphics for the main pages of the site are still my own, though the site has now been taken over by another student and new material continues to be added. Warning: the site is slow because the school system won't fork over the money for a better connection.

First Amendment Project

First Amendment Project
This page was a page that I did with two of my classmates for my AP Journalism class. It is a site discusses the various issues surrounding free speech on the Internet, with a focus on the Communications Decency Act, which has since been struck down by the Supreme Court. By the way, we got an A.


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