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Symposium Issue #7

May/June 97

Editor: Kenji B

Authors: Chuck M, Louis B, JR, Kenji B

Poets: Alphea J, Kenji B, John S, Terri D

"Dover Beach" Matthew A

Cover Artist: Brian B

Artists: Krisch C, Ben R, Brian B, Kenji B

WWW Engineer: kwc

Kenji B Would Like to Thank: My family, Chris F, Michael FM (yeah, thanks for nothing!), V., C-note, and everyone of you who supported me. Thank you all...

Symposium Issue #6

Hoween 1996

Editor: Kenji B



Chuck M

Kenji B

"Luke Havergal" by Edwin A R

Cover Design: JR

Artwork: Mary Poe Jackson, Mike M

WWW Engineer: kwc

Thanks to: kwc and Chris F

Symposium Issue #5

Easter 1996

Editor: Kenji B

Pit 9: Written by Joe Giuliani

Pit 9: Organized by JR



Kenji B

The Keys of the Morning by Walter de la Mare

Cover Design: Kenji B

Artwork: Mike M

Thanks to: Chuck M

Symposium Issue #4

Fall 1995

Chief Editor: Kenji B

Editor: JR

Roving News Man: There's no freakin' news because no one gave nothin'

R.A.D.C.B.N.(the D.C. thing): JR

Contributing Authors:


Ben R,

Chuck M,

and Kenji B

Destruction of Sennacherib by Byron

Cover Art: Terri Dann

Other Art: Mike M

Special Thanks: Chris F, Dario, Joe G

Symposium Issue #3

April 1995

Editor: JR

Roving News: Bob A

Cover Layout and Copyboy: Kenji B

Contributing Authors:

Enrique C: Logic State

Kenji B: Citizen ZR-303-N

Mask of Anarchy by P. B. Shelley

Special Thanks: Pat H, Brendan M, Sean H

Symposium Issue #2

Editor: JR

Contributing Authors:

Kenji B

Brendan M

Symposium Issue #1

March 1995

Editor: JR

Contributing Columnist: Kenji B

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