The Symposium
Issue #4 Fall 1995


Editors Column


Do You Know What I Know?

The Prophet

The Destruction of Sennacherib

The Rise of Storch

Starmartyr Allusion

The Book of Raging Across D.C. by Night

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Chief Editor: Kenji B

Editor: JR
Roving News Man: There's no freakin' news because no one gave nothin'
R.A.D.C.B.N.(the D.C. thing): JR
Contributing Authors:
  • JR,
  • Ben R,
  • Chuck M,
  • and Kenji B
    Destruction of Sennacherib by Byron
    Cover Art: Terri D
    Other Art: Mike M
    Special Thanks: Chris F, Dario, Joe G
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