The Symposium Newsletter
Issue #7 - May/June '97

Witches Rede
Traditional, author unknown

You Think
by Alphea J

A Poem by Kenji B

Dover Beach
A Classic by Matthew A

by John S

Nature Rebels Again
by Terri D

Short Fiction

Susie Roasting on an Open Fire
by Chuck M and Louis B. A piece of Christmas horror fiction, perfect for Christmas in May/June.

The Prosody of Creation
by JR. Read of the great race known as the Villaeja as they recount the earliest times in history in their strange world.

October Cries
by Kenji B. A story dipped in tradedy centered around a group of high school teenagers and their trials in Saint George's society.

Other Stuff
New e-mail addresses and websites (and more) right here!

Editors Column
Thank you all for making the Symposium so great
A letter and a drawing from Ben R

Cover by Brian B (53K)
Artwork by Brian B (68K)
Artwork by Kirch C (12K)


Editor: Kenji B
Authors: Chuck M, Louis B, JR, Kenji B
Poets: Alphea J, Kenji B, John S, Terri D
"Dover Beach" Matthew A
Cover Artist: Brian B
Artists: Krisch C, Ben R, Brian B, Kenji B
WWW Engineer: kwc
Kenji B Would Like to Thank: My family, Chris F, Michael F. M. (yeah, thanks for nothing!), V., C-note, and everyone of you who supported me. Thank you all...


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