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Here is a slowly-growing list of links to WoD sites that I find to be very good and resourceful, perhaps:

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WoD Stuff in General
B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness Page
A tremendous archive of Mage, Vampire, and Werewolf resources and hundreds of links to other sites
Great Minds Project
Giant repository of stuff on Mage, Werewolf, Wraith, Changeling, Mortals, etc... in the World of Darkness, but with a focus on Vampire
Mexico: The Battlegound
Everything you need to know about Mexico in the World of Darkness.
Paradigma: Journal of Darkness
Another WoD-related e-zine, with stuff on Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling, and even Call of Cthulu.
Santa Cruz Chronicles
A play by e-mail (PBEM) game set in Santa Cruz, CA. Mirror
Web of Darkness
The ever popular Web of Darkness, with 300 links to WoD-related sites
White Wolf's Site
White Wolf's own Web site. Resources include Adobe Acrobat versions of character sheets.
White Wolf Stuff from the Net
Just what it's name implies, including our own Pit 9.

Anders Mage Page
Need something on a specific topic for Mage? He's probably got it.
The Continuum
A new tradition for Mage the Ascension by Constantine Thomas, Anders Sandberg, and DJ Babb. Part of the Mage Hub.
D.J. Babb's Mage Page
Full of text the author has written, including stuff on Maruaders, Nephandi, and reviews of Mage products.
Mage Hub
Collection of stuff on Magick, the Technocracy, Traditions, Nephandi, Marauders, and other stuff.
Mage Stuff
Mage stories and rules for Oracle level spheres, Foci, and alternate spheres.
Virtual Adepts
Stuff on the Virtual Adepts Tradition, maintained by JJ Kahrs.
Void Engineers
Detailed information on this Convention of the Technocracy, also maintained by JJ Kahrs.

mAlkAiAN wEb EgaP
Secrets, disciplines, and little more, but far too organized for a mAlkaViaN site
Clan Gangrel
Disorganized, but nonetheless, some basic info on the Gangrel Clan
New York by Night
Resources for Vampire, including info on Malkavians, Toreador, Ventrue, and local haunts of NYC.
Northern California by Night
Corey Alambar's resource on Northern California by Night, with some notes on Garou as well.

Official Camarilla Site
Camarilla South Central Region page Camarilla South East Regional Homepage
Camarilla North West Region page Camarilla East Central Regional Homepage

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