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Episode 3: Barrel of Bricks, Third Rail, Eel skin wallet

  • Super-elaborate injury by failure of pulley while lifting bricks: busted
  • You can get electrocuted by peeing on an electrified thrid rail: busted
  • You can get electrocuted by peeing on an electrified fence: confirmed
  • A wallet made from an electric eel can demagnetize your cards: busted

Third Rail

This was an old one, but it had one interesting segment: peeing on the third rail. Adam cast a mannequin out of the ballistics gel they always break out and gave it a bladder full of urine. He also measured the rate of his own urination in order to choose an appropriate tube to create the urine stream.

They then charged up a third rail and set the urine stream loose with the dramatic result of... drum beat ... absolutely nothing. Turns out that the urine stream breaks up too much by the time it reaches the rail that the charge cannot follow the urine upstream. They tried increasing the stream size, and still nothing. In the end, they showed that you can get electricity to travel up the urine, but only if you were really close to the rail.

So kids, when you pee on the third rail, make sure you don't kneel down next to the rail.

Update: In Myths Revisited, they setup an electric fence that Adam verified is a close enough distance for getting shocked.


i dont know if you did the tests as well as you could of the speed of pee that comes out is in question sometimes i think if i was to hold out the steam is faster and in more of a stream than you showed seems liked it just kinda leeked out with out a guy needin or realy tryin too pee...if its on a third-rail not