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Episode 14: Myths Revisited

  • Goldfinger Myth: still busted
  • Ice Bullets: still busted
  • Cellphones exploding gas stations: still busted


  • Chicken Gun: frozen chickens do cause more damage than thawed chickens

Variations on the original: * Electrified Third Rail: tested with an electric fence instead and found that an electric fence can shock you if you pee on it. confirmed * Inflatable braziers: busted * Aerosol cans in a hot car: busted

It appears that Season Two of Mythbusters has begun. The first episode of the next season doesn't involve any new myths. Instead, perhaps to bitchslap whiny viewers on discussion boards, they went and redid some of the myths from Season One that were 'controversial.' With the exception of one myth, the results from the first season were upheld, so the more entertaining aspect of this episode was watching the various ways in which Adam got tortured.

They covered a large number of myths this time around, with a focus on the Chicken Gun myth, and unlike the first season, they offloaded most of the construction/setup duties on a supporting cast.

Goldfinger Myth: The first time they busted this myth, they used Jamie and aborted after Jamie's readings became elevated. Though they still didn't believe the myth, they didn't know how to explain it. This time they used Adam instead of Jamie, and instead of taking the temperature using an ear thermometer, they use a rectal thermometer. Adam's vitals stayed put, so the myth remained busted.

Third Rail: This wasn't a revisiting as much as it was a variation. The myth the first time around was that you could get shocked by peeing on an electrified third rail. Their slow-motion video from the first time showed that the stream breaks apart too much falling to the ground. This time around they built an electric fence with small charge, which would be closer to the person peeing. Once again, Adam volunteered as the guinea pig and peed directly onto the fence. It was only a couple seconds before he felt a little shock.

Ice Bullets: The first time around their bullets were too brittle to even load, so they quickly switched to meat and gelatin to test, which were both equally useless. This time around they did a better job of making ice bullets by cooling them more slowly, but the bullets vaporized immediately without even exiting the barrel.

Inflatable brazier: I'm not sure why they redid this one, as it was boring the first time around. In the first busting, the myth was that a woman went up in an airplane, and as the plane got higher and higher, her implants got larger and larger until they burst. They busted that pretty well, so this revisiting was a variation on the myth: inflatable braziers. It was about as boring as it was the first time around, unless you have an active imagination: they demonstrated that you could pretty much launch them into space and they wouldn't burst.

cellphones exploding gas stations: My theory is that they only redid this myth because ABC copied their busting of this myth for a news program. Once again, the demonstrated that at its peak power output, or even shorting its battery, the cellphone really wasn't going to blow anything up.

raw biscuit dough: They demonstrated the first time that the myth could have occurred, so this was another variation, not rebusting. This time they tested aerosol cans in a hot car. Not surprisingly, they didn't blow. Just to do something exciting, perhaps to 'replicate the results,' they put a can in a toaster oven. It starting fizzing and then popped at 320 degrees; not very exciting. To get something interesting, they stuck a soda can in, which made a nice explosion as it burst out the door of the toaster oven.

Chicken gun: this was the main focus of the episode, if only because they still had trouble busting this one. It was also the only busting with interesting results. Instead of doing what I thought would be the obvious redo, which would be to get bird-impact-rated windshields for airplanes to test (the major mistake from the first test), they built large blocks of foam to launch the chickens into. This was a mistake as they couldn't get any reliable results out of the blocks. On their next attempt, they used twelve sheets of glass stacked on top of each other. The thawed chicken shattered about 2-3 panes on impact. The frozen chicken broke straight through all twelve, leaving a nice circular hole. Although they couldn't verify the actual setting of the story, the myth did have some credibility, and Jamie was left doing an "I told you so" to Adam.


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