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Special: The Shopping Episode ("Shop Til You Drop")

Some of the shops that got mention:

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Read on for information on how to make ballistics gel from the episode.

This episode, in part, seemed to be MythBusters thanking the various stores/people that have helped them over the past two seasons. It was entertaining for me, as a Bay Area resident, as I got to find out about some weird shops nearby, as well as have the obvious pointed out to me (e.g. the Hobby Shop in San Antonio Shopping Center carries r/c supplies). From time to time we've tried to spot or guess Bay Area locations, and this episode saved us some effort.

Some of the shops that got mention:

I've transcribed the "How to Make Ballistics Gel" section below because, like Adam (the host), I also get inquires regarding ballistics gel. In fact, it's my second highest search term right now, so I thought I would help those visitors out.

How to Make Ballistics Gel

I've transcribed the instructions given on MythBusters below, but it appears that you might be better off following this guide instead. My google searches to find out more turned up more specific information within this article. First, obtain the powder for the ballistics gel ($350/50 lbs.) from Gelita in Sioux City. From a brief Google search, it appears the product name might be "Ordnance Gel Powder," but the Gelita Web site was a bit too frustrating so I haven't confirmed.

  1. Mix 10 parts hot water/1 part powder
  2. Add cinnamon leaf oil (anti-foaming agent) to dissolve the bubbles
  3. Add propionic acid as a preservative (WARNING: ACID)
  4. Pack in ice overnight to set

You will also need to make molds, which the other guide discusses.