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Special: Hollywood on Trial

  • Sparks off bullets (showed how Hollywood does it, given that bullets don't spark)
  • Breaking down a door with your shoulder: plausible
  • Wizard of Oz tinman
  • Tuning radio with your teeth: busted
  • Getting thrown through a plate glass window without injury: busted
  • Ingiting a pool of gas with a cigarette: plausible

This was a clip show, with a couple new additions and the introduction of Grant Imahara (VFX electronics expert, worked on R2-D2). It would appear that he is replacing search-engine-favorite Scottie Chapman, as there was no sign of her in any of the new segments, nor in the Killer Brace Position episode.

  • Down with the Titanic: does a sinking ship suck you down?
  • Alcatraz Escape: Jamie and Adam successfully replicated an actual Alcatraz attempt. my favorite MythBusters episode of all time.
  • Ice Bullet: Can you make a bullet out of ice that will melt inside it's target?
  • American Graffiti Rear Axle: ripping the undercarriage off a car by attaching a chain to the rear axle.
  • Killer quicksand
  • Cement Truck: cleaning a cement truck with dynamite, or rather, a gratuitous explosion in the spirit of Hollywood.

Special effects technique. Sparks off of bullets. Real bullets don't spark when they hit. Show how Hollywood actually does it, almost. Showed how you could imitate the Hollywood technique using fireworks from Chinatown: put charges inside of a paintball bullet. Snaps, sparklers, string poppers

Breaking down the door: Jamie's first shoulder run did some damage to the door jam but didn't break the door down. After three runs he mostly had the door off: deadbolt, and handle lock were gone. A fourth run knocked the hotel U-bar lock off, leaving only the chain lock. Jamie couldn't get the chain lock off, but they attributed that using a stronger screw to secure it.

Adam slipped on his butt trying to kick the door down: "I'm fine, really"


Wizard of Oz: original actor slated to play the tin man in Wizard of Oz got sick. They had used white clown makeup and dusted with aluminum powder. Used an aluminum paste for the next actor. Not quite shure what they were testing here, but they painted Kari up with the aluminum powder mix. As far as I can tell, the only purpose was the show Kari getting painted up in aluminum paint. Adam: "I didn't know we got slave girls." They gave her some oxygen to calm her down before painting her face. Adam: "She's ready to meeting Captain Kirk." Kari's health remained fine, but this spoke nothing to the actual story with the original Oz actor.

Tuning into teeth: Started with Lucille Ball's story recounting how she heard music in her head. MythBusters tested theory that if her fillings were made with different metals, they could have acted as a point contact diode. Put amalgam and gold filling on two teeth in a jawbone. Channeled several radio frequencies across the teeth, but couldn't pick up any change in voltage on the teeth. busted

Plate glass window: getting thrown through a plate glass window and walking away. They made a dummy to throw through the window instead volunteering themselves. The mold was coated with white latex, then filled with red ballistics gel and squibs. If the white 'skin' was broken it would be easy to spot the damage. To make the squibs they filled condoms with a corn syrup and red food coloring mixture.

They slid the dummy through 1/8" plate glass made for some good shattering, but no breaking of the latex skin. They remove the latex skin and switched to 1/4" plate glass. There were plenty of lacerations this time, though the squibs were unbroken. busted

Can a cigarette ignite a pool of gas? They measured a cigarette at 450-500 degrees, dropped it into the gas, nothing. Tried multiple times to light a pool of gas on the ground, but they couldn't do it. Still, plausible because the cigarette is hot enough.


The radio teeth, they went on and on about having different metals in contact possibly making a point contact diode, yet when setting up the experiment they placed the different metals on OPPOSITE SIDES of the jawbone, can't produce a point contact diode with no contact!

As for ripping the axle from under the car, their experiment failed to reproduce the movie stunt. The car in the movie had LEAF SPRINGS while the car used on Mythbusters had a stronger FOUR BAR LINK rear suspension.

I'd like to see them revisit these two and do the tests right! Put the metals on two teeth IN CONTACT and try yanking the rear axle from under a car that has it connected to the frame or body only with LEAF SPRINGS.

I have dental work that if I get a paperclip or some other types of metal against and bridge it with my tongue, it's like touching your tongue to a 9volt battery. Not quite as strong but close. Acid in your mouth + dissimilar metals = current. Dissimilar metals in slight contact can cause diode effect and your teeth and jawbone would amplify any resulting vibration from radio frequency vibration like a crystal set radio. I had a tube radio you could hear music faintly on without speakers because the element in a tube or a transformer created an audible vibration.