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Maker Faire - Eepybirds (Diet Coke + Mentos) - Diet Coke + Mentos - Diet Coke + Mentos - Diet Coke + Mentos - Diet Coke + MentosThe Eepybird video was the inspiration behind the MythBusters' Diet Coke + Mentos episode and they were on site at Maker Faire 2007 to another one of their 'experiments.' The MythBusters were one of the main attractions at Maker Faire 2006, so it is only fitting that the Eepybird folks got to put on a show. 102 bottles of Diet Coke and some large amount of Mentos certainly make for a good performance.

The video should make it to eventually, but for now enjoy the photos.

I get to clear some photos from the backlog

The MythBusters "Mega Movie Myths" episode has now aired so I've uploaded some more photos from "Awning Fall," which is the segment that we got to watch. m lent me the 16-35mm lens that really made a lot of these shots possible. I'm still watching the episode so I'll keep my comments brief, except to say its fun to finally see how they put it all together.

Mythbusters-Awning Fall-Adam

Mythbusters-Awning Fall-Buster Butt Mythbusters-Awning Fall-Buster Butt

On the set with the MythBusters

I was very lucky and fortunate to spend time on the set with the MythBusters as they filmed part of an episode. Fellow fan club member's Brute Force and bioslug were there, along with Brute Force's family. The producers of MythBusters, Beyond International, were very cool to let us have this experience.

MythBusters-Jamie Hyneman-Lift MythBusters-Grant Imahara-Lift MythBusters-Adam Savage, Kari Byron, Grant Imahara Kari Byron and Jamie Hyneman MythBusters-Tory Belleci

This entry is part part one of my writeup -- more will come when the episode actually airs, as spoilers wouldn't be nice. If I'm a bit oblique and dull about what I actually saw, it's because I'm waiting to talk about it all at a later date -- I'll try to make up for it with a ton of spoiler-free photos.

First off, a big thank you goes out to BlackWidowNor of the MythBusters Fan Club and Penny Jope and John Hunt of Beyond International/MythBusters for making the visit possible. Thanks also to the cast and crew of MythBusters -- to say that we were treated well is an understatement. I expected to be roped off into a little viewing area. Instead, we were allowed to go pretty much anywhere that wouldn't interfere with the filming. I got to chat with everyone on the cast, I got to explore the inside of the M5 truck and look inside Buster's repair box, I got to go up on the roof, etc... I also had fun meeting fellow MythBusters fan club members -- Brute Force was there to inform me that a tripod he had given to Jamie was on the previous night's "Bullets Fired Up" episode and bioslug and I played around with the "Plausible" sign (not a spoiler -- this happened to be the only sign in the van as the rest were back at the shop).

The main impression I walked away with is MythBusting is hard. They work long days, they do all their own work, and they have to rearrange their schedule on the fly. It's easy to see why they often looked exhausted at the end of an episode. Everyone, cast and crew, is there to unload the truck and are there to clean everything back up. Sometimes the cleanup is quick, other times, like in the Compact Compact myth, it can take two days. There are no magical helper monkeys that swoop in when they turn off the cameras, unless you count those of us from the fan club that were there for just that day. I was tired and all I did was take photos and help unload a couple of things off the truck. Grant, Tory, and Kari spent all day trying to drill through rebar-filled concrete tough enough to be a bomb shelter.

MythBusters-02-1 MythBusters-08 MythBusters-06-1 MythBusters-02 MythBusters-09 MythBusters-11 MythBusters-12

I got to interact with the cast and crew much more than I expected. They would come over to us from time to time to chat with us when they were free and they showed no hesitation answering all my annoying questions like, "what is your prediction for this myth," "what does that camera do," and "so, what is going to happen in the __ myth?" The last type of question was the only they wouldn't answer, but they would give some fun anecdotes to whet our appetite. Another big thanks goes to John Hunt, whom you may have seen as the the official nose for the Flatulence Myth or the poison oak guinea pig for Vodka Myths III. Even though he was very busy, he talked to us for quite awhile as the cast was a bit late filming stuff over at M5. He told us about fun tidbits like the high-speed-camera clip that was cut of Adam lighting a fart on fire with the 1812 Overture playing in the background.

Of the cast, I probably talked to Adam and Kari the most. Adam was a non-stop treasure trove of stories and innuendo, while Kari was often retorting Adam's cruder jokes with statements like, "There's not a lot of women at ILM, is there?" and "Poop and sex, it's always poop and sex." Adam came over to play with my camera and talked with me about Canon equipment -- he spotted my 70-200 f/4 L lens and m's 16-35 f/2.8L that I was borrowing . He told me about some cool Canon software he has that lets you plug your SLR into your computer and take photos at regular intervals and he also shared advice about getting equipment for cheap on Craigslist. Kari also shared some advice with me: "you gotta just keep showing up and they'll think you're a crew member... it worked for me." Jamie, Grant, and Tory were also friendly and down-to-earth.

MythBusters-13 MythBusters-16 MythBusters-10 Buster emerges

I'll end with a final note on beloved Buster. Poor Buster is tortured. His hands, which were one of the few original parts remaining, were blown off recently and have been replaced by Tory's hand molds from Finger in a Barrel. Big chunks of Buster's thighs are missing and are charred black. Buster's face is actually a mask made out of his original head. The mask hangs eerily on the wall inside the M5 truck and has Frankenstein-like staples holding it together. Underneath his chest piece is a wooden heart that Kari made and his hands are surprisingly soft -- Kari put baby powder on them and apparently when they get warm they feel shockingly human. I'll leave the metaphysical question of, "What is Buster?" to the philosophy experts, but if I heard correctly then I believe his only remaining original parts are the face mask and his ankles. For Buster's sake lets hope there aren't any exploding shoe myths on the horizon.

Random tidbit: there were construction workers driving around the site all day spraying water to keep dust down for a nearby construction site. One of those workers turned out to be the same guy who poured the cement for the Jimmy Hoffa pigs.

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MythBusters at Maker Faire

Adam, Jamie and Grant were at Maker Faire busily signing autographs and checking out some of the exhibits. I snapped some photos of Jamie and Grant playing Segway Polo and test driving a Xebra, if you're interested: Maker Faire photos.

Maker Faire-01 Jamie playing Segway Polo Jamie and Grant test driving


I just got back from watching the MythBusters in action. They were really nice to us and I took a ton of photos, but I'll have to figure out how to split this up as neither I nor they want to give away any spoilers.

Update: here's an initial sample. There are many, many photos remaining, but they will probably wait until I can do a writeup.


MythBusters-12 MythBusters-07 MythBusters-06 Kari and Jamie

MythBusters @ JavaOne

rockstarprogrammer sent me this bit of info: the MythBusters will be doing entertainment at the AfterDark party at JavaOne. If you're having trouble getting your boss to send you to JavaOne this year ($1500 reg fee), then maybe this will tip the tables in your favor.

MythBusters Encinal High Benefit (summary and video)

MythBusters Encinal High Benefit-13The MythBusters Encinal High Benefit was a lot of fun. It was about an hour and half of Q&A where we got to hear Adam and Jamie share information on the show's origins, upcoming episodes, and old anecdotes (including a particularly funny one about Jamie as a teenager, which I have posted video of below). Apparently the MythBusters producer has found them a 747 engine...

The event was for a high school benefit and there were many children present, but it was clear that Adam and Jamie were more rehearsed for a college audience. There was the occassional foul language here and there and they passed out earplugs before they showed the blooper reel for parents who didn't want their children's innocent ears to be harmed by the cursing on the video. Adam's disclaimer: "Remember kids. Cursing is something adults can do and you can't." Adam's kids were also present in the audience, but I'm sure they've heard it all before :).

I've done my best to summarize the event as well as post some video clips and approximate transcripts. I collected about 30 minutes of video from the event, including the live demonstration of Cooling a Six Pack. I also recently posted photos from the event.

Note on videos: you should think of the video as 'enhanced audio.' We were up in the balcony and shooting with a tiny ELPH digital camera, not a proper camcorder. It's much funnier to hear Adam Savage tell stories than it is to read transcripts, though, so I hope you enjoy.

Detailed episode summary »

MythBusters Encinal High Benefit (Photos)

Update: event summary and videos are now available

MythBusters Encinal High Benefit-08

MythBusters Encinal High Benefit-16 MythBusters Encinal High Benefit-13 MythBusters Encinal High Benefit-15 MythBusters Encinal High Benefit-07

I've posted my photos from the MythBusters Encinal High Benefit event last night. jutta and bayareajenn have also posted photos on Flickr -- you can probably tell from all of our photos that the lighting inside the auditorium was fairly challenging.

Most of my photos are from a live demonstration of the Cooling a Six Pack Myth. They also did about an hour and half of Q&A and showed a hilarious ten-minute blooper reel. Some clips they blooper clips were familiar (Tory face-planting after jumping a wagon with a bike, Adam wearing Jamie's shirt), but many new as well.

More on this event later. I took several low-quality videos (~30 minutes of shots) and some notes, so I'll have more from the Q&A when time allows. (*update: available here)

More photos on Flickr: MythBusters Encinal High Benefit Photos

MythBusters @ Encinal High

Update: my summary and videos from the event have been posted

Even in light of my previous post, I'm still going to a "MythBusters Live Event to Benefit Encincal High" in Alameda. Perhaps they will be raising money to fix the goalposts they warped in Border Slingshot. Here are the full details:

Encinal High School Presents:
Myth Busters : Live Event to benefit Encinal High School
Saturday, Mar 25, 2006 7:00 PM PST (6:00 PM doors)
at Kofman Auditorium

Tickets are still available.

MythBusters at Maker Faire

The MythBusters will be at Maker Faire, April 22-23 in San Mateo. Maker Faire is an event being held by Make Magazine, which is a darn cool magazine for people who want to get MacGuyver-y with electronics. The faire might give me a good jump start on my kite camera.