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Adam Savage: The TED Talk

Adam Savage: The Reddit Interview

Alaska Special 2 Free on iTunes

Missed the latest MythBusters special, where the gang heads to Alaska (and Wisconsin) to test some wintery myths? You can download it for free on iTunes

MythBusters Break Some Windows

It looks like MythBusters fans will have a big explosion to look forward to in the upcoming season:

They were trying to literally "knock the socks off" a mannequin by igniting 500 pounds of ammonium nitrate. But the explosion was a lot bigger than they expected.


The explosion was so big it shook the town of Esparto, knocking Stephens off her couch and breaking her front window.

You can read the full article on

MythBusters! Shark Week!



Dirty Jobs chase of the Greenland shark already has me excited about this year's Shark Week. MythBusters is breaking out a 2-hour bonanza featuring robotic sharks, medieval armor, and dog urine. Checkout the slideshow for more photos of the Shark Week episode

How to make ballistics gel

Make Mythbusters Style Ballistic Gel from Materials at Wal-Mart! - video powered by Metacafe

For those of you who find Ordnance Gel Powder a tad difficult (as covered in Adam's tutorial in the Shopping Episode), this video from styropyro and hackaday guide cover the basics of making pseudo ballistics gel out of grocery store gelatin.

XKCD: Unscientific

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LOL Jamie

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

thanks cshell for the link

Plane on a Treadmill rescheduled: Jan 30th

"...for those concerned that this story has been cancelled, don't worry, planes on a conveyer belt has been filmed, is spectacular, and will be part of what us Mythbusters refer to as 'episode 97'. Currently that is due to air on January 30th."


Jamie @ DARPA Urban Challenge

MythBusters' Jamie

Jamie was a commentator for the DARPA Urban Challenge. You can read more of my coverage here.

MythBusters testing airplane on a conveyor belt

The Mercury News has an interview with the MythBusters that mentions that the December 12th episode will test the infamous airplane on a conveyor belt problem.

Sword vs. Bullet

Much like the sword vs. sword mythbusting, a Japanese TV show has tested katana sword vs. bullet:

Adam Savage on Blade Runner @ 25

Blade Runner is 25 years old and Adam Savage wrote an appreciate piece for Popular Mechanics to celebrate the event: Blade Runner at 25: Why the Sci-Fi F/X Are Still Unsurpassed

CeCe has a home

Robin from norsled writes in the comments:

I wanted to let you know that CeCe has found her new forever home. She has a new partner in crime, a Malamute named Mister. CeCe and Mister both found their new home via

I also wanted to note that in addition to adopting dogs from Norsled, you can donate via PayPal to help pay for medical care of the dogs.

More on the Five-Second Rule

Researchers at Clemson University have their own study of the five-second rule -- employing bologna, bread, and carpet -- to scientifically test the five-second rule.

The Five-Second Rule Explored, or How Dirty Is That Bologna?

See also: MythBusters Five-Second Rule

Top Gear: Driving behind a 747

The MythBusters weren't able to get a 747 for their Jet Taxi test, so they weren't able to get spectacular results. The folks at Top Gear had better luck with Virgin Atlantic and were able to get video evidence of jet power.

Top Gear: Car lightning strike

Given that the Top Gear folks beat the speed camera, I feel inclined to link to their demonstration of lightning hitting a car with their host inside.

Adam Savage interview on Metafilter

Adam Savage was interviewed by Metafilter's Matt Haughey, during which he thanks the MeFi audience for their help with the Old West Myths.

NYTimes on MythBusters

The New York Times has an article title 'Best Science Show on Television?", which discusses the MythBusters TV show and their Hindenburg experiment.

I was just on MythBusters!

See if you can spot me ;) (Hint: you won't recognize me, just my big telephoto lens shooting behind everyone as Tory does his fall)

'Lost' MythBusters Experiments

Discovery has posted some videos of 'lost' experiments: MythBusters: Lost Experiments

These aren't really 'lost' because, as far as I can tell, they've all been shown on the show before. They're more like MythBusters shorts.

MythBusters interview

The MythBusters were interviewed over at Ask Slashdot: The Mythbusters Answer Your Questions. I think the most interesting bit for me is finding out that they have just completed an episode on firing bullets up into the air -- it should be a nice variation on the Penny Drop myth.

MythBusters DVDs

Discovery re-released the MythBusters Season One DVDs. Instead of costing $150+ for the thirteen episodes, it's now a much more reasonable $50. They also repackaged the DVDs so that they no longer have the generic Discovery Channel packaging. The only downside is that they still didn't include the pre-season-specials like the Jet Assisted Chevy, but that wasn't enough to stop me from picking up a set and clearing some room off the TiVo.

MythBusters Finally

After a series of mis-starts, it looks like Discovery is finally gonna let loose with the new MythBusters season. Tonight's episode features Archimedes using mirrors to set fire to the Roman fleet. I'm looking forward to the "Beat the Radar Detector" episode Oct. 17 and the "Levitation Machine" on Oct. 6.

In other TV news, I'm headed over the s's place to see the Lost premiere. No other new show this season has caught my eye so I'm looking for new shows to fill up my TiVo with.