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Episode 37: Escape Slide Parachute and Explosive Decapitation

  • Using a life raft to survive a fall from an airplane: mythbusted
  • Using an escape slide to survive a fall from an airplane: mythbusted (although you could survive using the escape slide as a parachute, you would never get it out of the plane)
  • Surviving a fall in an airplane in the tailsection: plausible (it really happened, but they could not replicate)
  • Haircream can lead to explosive decapitation: mythbusted (it can cause aggressive fire in an oxygen-rich environment, but it won't 'decapitate)

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Episode 36: Killer Tissue Box

  • Can a cardboard box in a car become a lethal weapon? mythbusted
  • Splitting an arrow with another: mythbusted

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Episode 35: Border Slingshot

  • Illegal immigrants entering the US by means of a giant slingshot that launches them 200 yards and is accurate enough to hit a mattress on the other side: mythbusted

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Special: Jaws Special

  • Punching a shark in the nose or jabbing it in the gills will drive it away: plausible (seemed to respond to the gills)
  • Shark strength feats
    • Ram and pierce boat: confirmed (a 3000 lb great white travelling at 25mph could pierce a boat)
    • Ram and break a shark cage: confirmed
    • Pull down floating barrels: mythbusted
    • Tow a boat: mythbusted
  • A bullet can cause a scuba tank explosion: mythbusted
  • Piano wire can be used as shark fishing wire: mythbusted

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Episode 34: Bulletproof Water, 360 Swing

  • Water stops bullets: confirmed
  • You can do a full 360 on a swingset: mythbusted

The surprising thing about the bulletproof water was how poorly the high-powered rifles did. The full metal jacket bullets for the high-powered rifles came apart upon hitting the water. Even the dreaded .50 caliber rifle was only able to penetrate about 3 ft of water.

I didn't think the 360 swing set myth was that interesting, but if you were patient through the whole episode you got to see them strap rockets on to a dummy in a swing set -- rockets are always good fun on the show. According to host Adam Savage, "Well hopefully that's our job, to strap rockets onto everything"

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Special: Hollywood on Trial

  • Sparks off bullets (showed how Hollywood does it, given that bullets don't spark)
  • Breaking down a door with your shoulder: plausible
  • Wizard of Oz tinman
  • Tuning radio with your teeth: busted
  • Getting thrown through a plate glass window without injury: busted
  • Ingiting a pool of gas with a cigarette: plausible

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Episode 33: Killer Brace Position and Cellphones vs Drunk Driving

  • The brace position on airlines increases chance of death: mythbusted
  • Talking on a cellphone while driving is as dangerous as drunk driving: confirmed

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Episode 32: Jetpack, Pyramid power

  • You build a jet pack from plans on the Internet: mythbusted
  • Egyptian pyramids incorporate a sacred geometry that helps perserve the mummies: mythbusted

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Special: The Shopping Episode ("Shop Til You Drop")

Some of the shops that got mention:

Related Links: * Shop 'Til You Drop video on

Read on for information on how to make ballistics gel from the episode.

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Episode 30: Son of a Gun, Showering during a Thunderstorm

  • You can get electrocuted from a phone or in the shower from a lighting strike to your house: confirmed
  • A woman got impregnated from a bullet shot through the family jewels: busted
  • A boat can be driven while it is still attached to a trailer: confirmed

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Episode 29: Cooling a six-pack, ancient battery, and rebuilding Buster (extended edition)

  • Fastest way of cooling a six-pack (originally test of cooling with gasoline)
    • Gasoline can cool a six-pack: mythbusted
    • Fire extinguisher can cool a six-pack: confirmed
  • An archeological find from between 250BC-250AD is an ancient battery.
    • ... and was used for electro-plating: plausible
    • ... and was used for accupuncture: plausible
    • ... and was used for 'experiencing God': plausible
  • Testing Buster's new body

Update: The MythBusters did a live demonstration of cooling a six-pack at their Encinal High benefit event.

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Episode 28: Toy Cars vs. Real Cars, Buttered Toast, and Contagious Yawning

  • Toy cars can go faster than a real car under the influence of gravity only:confirmed ( toy car faster at 100 ft, real car faster at 400 ft)
  • Yawning is contagious: confirmed
  • Buttered toast always lands buttered side down: mythbusted

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Episode 27: Exploding Port-a-Potty, Pole-vaulting car

  • Pole-vaulting car: a car can pole-vault off its driveshaft: mythbusted
  • Exploding Port-a-Potty: a cigarette can ignite natural methane in a port-a-potty mythbusted

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Episode 26: Salsa Escape, Dynamite + Cement Trucks

  • Cleaning cement from a cement truck with dynamite: plausible
  • You can escape from prison using salsa: plausible (requires electricity)

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Episode 24: Ming Dynasty Astronaut, Perpetual Motion, Ceiling Fans

  • A ~1500AD astrologer was able to launch himself into space: mythbusted
  • Free energy/Perpetual motion machines: mythbusted
  • A ceiling fan can decapitate you: busted

Wan Hu: Ming dynasty astronaut

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Episode 23: Exploding House, Needling in a Haystack, Talk to Plants

  • Blowing up a house with bug bombs: confirmed
  • National Treasure segment
  • Talking to plants affects their growth: plausible
  • Needle in a Haystack contest: Adam beat Jamie

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Episode 22: Boom Lift Catapult, A/C vs. Open Windows

  • Using a boom lift as a catapult: mythbusted
  • Rolling down your windows more efficient than using the A/C in a car: mythbusted (REVISTED)

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Episode 21: Ping pong balls and balloons

  • Using ping pong balls to raise a ship: plausible
  • 4-year-old being carried away by balloons: busted (on the account of the number of ballons)

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Episode 20: Exploding Jawbreaker, Static Cannon, Deadly Playing Cards

  • A jawbreak can explode after heated in a microwave: confirmed
  • Static discharge off of a PVC pipe can kill: mythbusted
  • An ordinary playing card can kill you with a powerful throw: mythbusted

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Episode 16: Ancient Death Ray, Skunks, What is Bulletproof?

  • Archimedes constructed a solar death ray that he used to ignite Roman ships: busted. Update: the MythBusters have revisited the Archimedes Death Ray in season three (still busted)
  • Removing skunk odor with...:
    • Tomato juice: plausible
    • Beer (MGD): busted
    • Douche: busted
    • Hydrogen peroxide + baking soda + liquid dish soap: confirmed
    • Commercial skunk remover: confirmed (not as good as custom mix above)
  • Stopping bullets with a...:
    • book: busted
    • deck of cards: busted
    • Zippo: busted
    • 1/4" polycarbonate: busted
    • bullet-resistant polycarbonate: confirmed

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Episode 15: Scuba diver in a forest, Car capers

  • Scuba diver in a forest: mythbusted
  • Car capers
    • Veggies/fruit in tailtipe can break the engine: busted
    • 'Unauthorized' additives
      • Drain clog remover: engine kept running. busted
      • Bleach: car eventually cut out. The bleach also rusted up the gas tank. plausible
      • Sugar: engine kept running. let the engine sit overnight and it still ran the next day. busted
    • Bullets blowing up car: busted
    • Hiding behind a car door will protect you from bullets: busted
    • Cola in the radiator as coolant: plausible
    • Cracking an egg into a radiator to plug holes: plausible
    • Penny in carburetor destorying engine: busted
    • Bleach in the engine oil: ?

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Episode 14: Myths Revisited

  • Goldfinger Myth: still busted
  • Ice Bullets: still busted
  • Cellphones exploding gas stations: still busted


  • Chicken Gun: frozen chickens do cause more damage than thawed chickens

Variations on the original: * Electrified Third Rail: tested with an electric fence instead and found that an electric fence can shock you if you pee on it. confirmed * Inflatable braziers: busted * Aerosol cans in a hot car: busted

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