• Beta

    A bit of graphic design I did in college for our fraternity rush Web site.
  • CS Circus

    A 'community' Web page I did in high school.
  • College homepage (97-98)

    My first Web page in college that demonstrates my emerging 'prowess' with Photoshop.
  • College homepage (99-01)

    My second college home page. It promotes my huge presence on the Web by directing you to the numerous other pages I had already done, while providing no actual content itself.
  • High school homepage

    My goodness, I had a Web page in high school, and that was, like, in 1995-6 and stuff. Gosh, the Web was ugly back then.
  • Leaf Online

    My first 'contract' Web design job (paid in brownie/brown-nosing points) for a cool teacher.
  • Orion Instruments

    My first Bay Area job and my first real Web design experience.
  • Powered by Arrogance

    A fun little page that my fellow Thinkquest teammates and I did to distract ourselves.
  • Storefront Media

    A startup that I helped start and end my junior year of college.
  • Symposium

    I don't rite very good, but I have friends that do, and in high school they put together a 'zine that they distributed at their schools. The only skill I had that others didn't was that I knew HTML, so demonstrated my 1ee7 $k111z and published the 'zine on the Web. My first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth attempts were pretty horrid, but I started to get it right on the seventh, and final issue.
  • Thinkquest Contest (11902)

    A contest that my friends and I placed 4th in. Altogether we won a handsome $24k, my share of which did little to dent my gigantic tuition. My parents were really nice though and got me a laptop :).