I remember this site being an semi-interesting debate for our fraternity. Communication with incoming freshmen is really important, so it seemed like a good idea to have a Web site. However, some of the older brothers in the house had grown up without the Web in high school, and for them having a Web site was a badge of shame to be avoided. The final page was a compromise: whereas some MIT fraternity Web sites were clearly run by the experienced Web designers with sophisticated content management systems and "brothers only" login links, our Web site featured abbreviated content with all of the information targeted at incoming freshmen, as it should be clear that we're all spending our time doing stuff other than visiting our own Web site.

Kevin did most/all of the content design for the Web site, and at some point during this process I felt really motivated to start doing a lot of graphics. I had been collecting a lot of new fonts recently after someone had showed me Chank fonts, and I wanted to try a more club-poster-like design. I had originally done the design as the retro orange/teal color scheme that no one else liked, so I ended up switching it to the current blue/teal scheme.

I'm not even sure if this page made it up for rush, and I don't even remember what we did for years after it, if anything. The current Web site seems to have even less content for non-active members, yet more technical gizmos, so I guess times have changed.

I've included some screenshots of the design here. Although I have an archive of the actual pages, I've chosen not to link to them as I found that Google was bringing to many visitors here for searches on people's names.

Rush info page:

Photos page: