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snowmanWhen I first did a Web page, I believe the Netscape logo was still a pulsating N, and Yahoo was a little site called akebono.stanford.edu. I started with the crudest graphics tools, and as friends got me pirated versions of graphics software, I would almost immediately replace all the graphics on the site with new ones that were marginally better. This process generally involved me getting about twenty AOL floppy disks, giving them to a friend, and waiting a couple days for them to return with parts 1-20 of the cracked installer. Piracy was so cumbersome back then, though nowadays I can afford to have the paid versions of the software.

photoThe result of this slow, piracy-driven upgrade process is that each incarnation of the Web site reeks of a kid playing with new toys. Just looking at this photo of me from high school should say enough in itself.

I scoured some old archives of mine and managed to come up with an older version of the page that used these awful POV-ray-generated spheres, which I did when we were learning how to do primitive 3-D modelling in class. The hideous snowman you see is an example of one of my more 'complicated' endeavours with POV-ray in high school. I've also included the very last incarnation -- done partly in Photoshop and partly in Paint Shop Pro -- that uses bevels, and the good ole' flare filter. I think the Symposium image is wrong, but I don't remember what it actually was.

BTW, while you're reading about my high school homepage, you may also want to read about the CS Circus.

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