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Of the Web sites that I did in high school, this one was probably the best in terms of design, mediocre as it is. I did it for my engineering teacher, Mr. Leaf, who was one of the best teachers I had in high school.

I had him for Pre-Engineering freshman year, and he gave us an assignment where we had to do an educational presentation (i.e. how do you do X?) on anything we felt like, as long as it was a good presentation. Some people tried to teach really technical concepts and stumbled their way through. I gave my presentation on how to play Street Fighter II, and he gave me an A. Later, in another class, he let my friend Dan and I build our own desk for the class (we took an old bench and grafted it to a desk chair).

Through this sort of freedom also came a lot of learning. He treated us like adults, and encouraged us to think like adults. Creativity and quick thinking (e.g. extemporaneous public speaking) were important traits in the class, and you'll see that a lot of the content he's posted on the page treat the class like a company employees not students.

I originally started making the site with Paint Shop Pro 2.0 which really sucked, but I eventually got my hands on Photoshop and was able to redo the images on the front page (I didn't have time for the other pages). I turned over the administration of the site to another student, but from the current location of the page and stale material my guess is that the site only survived another two years or so before being abandoned in its current directory.

Pre-Engineering Class Page (screen capture):

TEC Class Page (screen capture):

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