Orion Instruments



orimanThis job was my first introduction to the Bay Area, and seeing as how I've been living here ever since (with the exception of semesters at school), I would say that it was a pretty successful introduction. Working at Orion gave me my first real Web design experience (as unimpressive as my designs were), my first logo drawing experience (the same logo you see here to the right), my first Linux sysadmin experience, my first experience building a computer from scratch, my first Fry's experience, my first hacker attack experience, my first pager, my first Bay Area housing experience, etc... None of it would have been possible without Mud, who both got me the job and let me crash at his place when necessary.

Small company anecdote: I remember telling Dennis (the COO) that we needed a new computer. He thought about it for a second, and then drove me over to Fry's where we piled some parts into the shopping cart. A little while later I had the computer that I wanted. Now that is a good company COO.

I still miss playing parking lot baseball, when we used to hit these squished swag globes out into the fields around Java Drive. It's strange seeing my roommate's company inhabit that old territory, with their big new buildings and shiny light rail track, and it makes me wonder where everybody got off to. Everyone there was really nice, even if they (Ken) did write some interesting nicknames on packages that were shipped to me, but the company is now out of business, and I imagine everyone has now scattered to the winds.

Here's a screenshot of my final Web design. I can't link to the actual site as it's gone now, and I don't want to mirror the content as it's not really mine.