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The Mind is a terrible thing to waste. Flaunt it as much as possible

powered by arroganceThis is probably a page that should never see the light of day ever again, but I love it too much. Joe, Chang, and I were in DC preparing for the Thinkquest final, feeling a little down because we knew that we were going to be docked a bunch of points because our team consisted entirely of people from the same school. The contest rewarded remote interaction, and some people we knew who had entered has enlisted teammates from as far away as Russia.

Our thought was, well, if we can't beat them on merit, we'll beat them on... arrogance.... pure... ARROGANCE. Like any arrogant bastard should, we created a page to memorialize our arrogance, and sought to embue it with as much arrogant content, arrogant HTML, and arrogant Javascript as possible. I still get a kick out of the mouseovers on the images.

The page would never have been complete without Joe's "Powered by Arrogance" logo. Such an amazing, amazing logo.

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