Kenji, JR, and many others



The Symposium is a site I maintained for a newsletter that my friends Kenji and Justin were the editors for. All issues are published in hardcopy format then coverted to HTML for publication of the Web. The HTML conversion actually occurred much later, and was mostly a way for me to learn HTML, rather than a way to gather a larger audience. It was also an excuse for me to gather a large number of free fonts and play with them.

Some differences exist between the formats with regard to graphics and layout, though the material mostly remains the same. The style of each issue is really different because I have overhauled this site several times as I get new inspirations for how to present the material. This site shows its age, and if you compare the different issues you can see what what graphics tools I had at my disposal at the time. Now that I own Photoshop, I'm pretty embarassed at some of the graphics I did, though at times I'm also impressed by how much juice I was able to scrape out of free graphics tools (circa 1996-1997). Issue 7 was by far the best (and also truest to the printed form), but it is missing good cohesion between the graphic design and the text that it presents.

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