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This site is built using Movable Type, which has far exceeded the value and utility of any other software I've ever owned. In the simplest case, it makes writing a day-to-day journal to capture your thoughts remarkably easy. In the advanced case, it becomes an all-purpose swiss-army knife where the only limitation is one's own creativity. I use it to keep track of my movies (and who they're lent out to), the books I've read and what I've written about them, allow friends to upload files, generate this page (see Brad Choate's Doing your whole site with MT), and publish my photos. I owe a special thanks to Brad Choate, who authored many of the plugins I use, as well as many of the tutorials I've read. The 'Ask Brad' portion of his site has also been very elucidating.

Here is the basic configuration:


- Movable Type
- mySQL (Don't use Berkeley DB! Your database will eventually become corrupt, and you will be sad!)
- Apache (general content + movable type)

#### MovableType Plugins

* IfEmpty (helps manage optional display of HTML)
* Macros (lets you write macros for your entries)
* MTAmazon (lets you run Amazon queries. you can get your developer token here)

Macros on this site. This describes how I used MTMacro to create some useful shortcuts when writing entries. For example, I use to it create a <photo>photo name<photo> tag, which generates the full HTML for the photo as needed.

Created:January 31, 2004