Feed Aggregator

...aka 1010 Feeds Project...

"One rss to rule them all, One browser to find them, One aggregator to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."

A project that I'm currently working on is developing a feed aggregator in the spirit of LiveJournal and Xanga, which allow you to see your friends's posts interleaved as if they were a conversation. The long term vision is to be able to create communities among MovableType blogs the same way that LiveJournal and Xanga foster communities, through strong communication channels and ease-of-use. Another goal is to lower the barriers that exist between the LiveJournal, Xanga, and MovableType worlds, barriers that result in people like me having to create two LiveJournal accounts and a Xanga account in order to participate in those communities.

This project is about 70% done, but is making slow progress as I recover from a back injury. The front page of movabletypo.net is powered by the aggregator, which should give an idea of the current progress.

I plan on adding in a feature that will let you subscribe to a comment thread on any site. This way, I won't have to regularly visit all the threads that I posted comments on to see if there is a reply. The code is written, but in the spirit of not integrating too many features at one time, I've held off on putting it in.

The feed aggregator is still nascent, but here are some entries that will tell you more about it:
kwc blog: Feeds Project Update
kwc blog: Feeds Project Update II
kwc blog: Feeds Project Update III
kwc blog: Feeds Project Update IV

When I am finished I am planning on releasing the code, though there probably aren't too many people out there who are running servlets and MovableType side-by-side.

Current Todo List:

- fix resolution of relative URLs

- add in "last comment count" feature

After next:
- write UI for managing users list
- "" named profiles list
- XHTML-ize using HTMLTidy

- penny arcade resolver to insert correct dates

Current features:
- If-Modified-Since and Etag headers
- Embed via Javascript
- Load feed list from any URL
- Repairs up tapestry comics feeds
- Repairs Xanga feeds
- Includes feed images
- skinnable via CSS