This Python script will download all of the public postings on a Xanga account and convert them into MovableType's input format. The intended audience for this script is people who are on Tripod, but either have or are in the process of moving over to MovableType. Xanga users might instead be interested in xanga2mt.


python. or, if you're a friend, or a friend-of-a-friend, I might consider running the script for you.


python tripod2mt [tripodusername]

NOTE: the output will be in tripodusername.txt


I've only tested this on one Tripod account, and spent less than an hour working on this.

If Tripod decides to change their templates even one character, this will probably break. The script is written using regular expressions that are very sensitive to the HTML layout.


This doesn't scrape the comments off of the tripod blog. This is because tripod is annoying and buries the comments behind javascript popups that I wasn't motivated enough to process. Also, the actual script contains a lot of dead code, as I used xanga2mt as the starting template.

To report a bug, leave a comment over here

Current Release:

version 0.2

Past Releases:

none, there was no version 0.1, I labelled the zip file with the wrong number and I'm too lazy to change it